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Oak Balconies

Dream of greeting the day with the morning sun and fresh air right outside your bedroom? At Foxtail Oak, we turn dreams into reality by crafting exquisite oak framed balconies that offer unparalleled views of your garden. All you need to do is to step out from your bed, open your patio doors, and voila, you’re in the midst of nature.

Solid Oak Balcony Structure

Fancy a larger balcony? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy an alfresco breakfast area, equipped with a table and chairs. Start your day with your favourite coffee while listening to the symphony of birds and watching the sunrise. Enhance your evening ambience with added solar lighting, ensuring you can relish your balcony at any time of day or night.

In the world of outdoor structures, oak wood reigns supreme. Renowned for its rot and insect damage resistance, oak provides a solid and reliable foundation. Just what you need for a gravity-defying balcony that offers peace of mind. Our balconies aren’t just built for today and are designed to last, providing joy for many generations. The captivating natural grain of the wood draws you closer to nature. Create a green canopy by planting climbing plants and vines on a trellis below, allowing your balcony to blend harmoniously with your garden.

Make the Most of Your External Space

A bespoke, oak-framed balcony from Foxtail Oak is a savvy investment that optimises outdoor space. Conveniently located on your property’s first or second floor, our balconies do not encroach on your precious garden space. In addition to offering added living space, they can increase your property’s value should you ever decide to sell.

Each of our handcrafted balconies is tailored to suit the exterior of your home. We begin the process with a visit to your home, discussing your vision and requirements. After surveying the site, we create a detailed 3D model to aid in designing your perfect balcony. Contact our expert team today to start planning your spectacular balcony creation.


Dive into some of our most cherished projects through our carefully curated portfolio. From the fully glazed oak garden room ‘The Avenue’, to the intricate amalgamation of oak and glass at ‘Duffryn Mawr’ – our diverse repertoire speaks volumes about our craftsmanship. We have designed and constructed stunning multi-level balconies at ‘Ullenhall’, and even a multi-functional log storage space under a balcony at ‘Bryn Heulog’. Our portfolio underscores our ability to tailor our oak frame services to cater to a variety of styles and requirements.

Experience the timeless appeal and charm of a bespoke oak balcony. Foxtail Oak, the premier oak frame company in Wales, is eager to help you realise your vision. Connect with us today to discuss your project. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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