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There is a reason we have dedicated ourselves to creating oak structures for your garden. We have worked tirelessly to become masters of oak wood so that we can produce furniture, outbuildings and pergolas that are of the highest quality. Oak has the added benefit of being naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, making it the perfect wood to use in British gardens that cannot always rely on good weather.

Experienced in design and manufacture

Over the years we have built almost every kind of oak wood structure imaginable. This has ranged from full-frame oak buildings to intricate porch designs. With our full builds, we have great flexibility in design and use. You can create a home office, garden studio or sheltered seating area for your outdoor space. To help us get started, we will come to your property to survey the space and create a 3D model. Once we have this, we can play with all manner of shapes and designs to create a sturdy and durable space for you to enjoy. 

Let your imagination run wild

Our team has the confidence to bring any idea to life. This is why we encourage you to let your imagination run wild when you choose an oak full build for your garden. We take into account the dimensions of your outdoor space, the shape of the building and how to create something that looks natural in your garden. We want to make your dream a reality, so speak to one of our advisors today about our bespoke full-build services.


Explore some of our team’s favourite projects, including The Avenue, a fully glazed oak garden room, and Duffryn Mawr, an intricate combination of oak and glass. From a multi-level pergola at Ullenhall to a multi-use log store at Bryn Heulog, our portfolio reflects the diversity and quality of our work.

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Frequently ask questions

An oak outbuilding is a separate structure constructed from oak, designed to be used as additional space apart from your main property. These structures can serve various purposes, such as a home office, storage space, or recreational room.
At Foxtail Oak, we work on a wide range of oak outbuildings, from functional storage spaces and garages to serene home offices, pergolas, and unique extensions. We can tailor the design to your specific needs and desires.
The time frame varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we always strive to complete our projects promptly without compromising on the quality of our craftsmanship.
Oak is renowned for its strength, durability, and natural beauty. It is a time-honoured material that is resistant to decay and lasts for generations. Moreover, an oak outbuilding can add significant value to your property due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility.
Yes, all of our oak outbuildings are bespoke. We work closely with you to design and construct an outbuilding that perfectly suits your lifestyle and enhances your property.
Often, an oak outbuilding falls under ‘permitted development rights’ and does not require planning permission. However, it’s always best to check with your local planning authority, as there can be exceptions depending on the outbuilding’s size, location, and intended use.