Foxtail Oak

How To Land Your Dream Carpenter Job

Oak elements being assembled on a workbench with tools scattered around.

What Does a Carpenter Job Entail? Carpenters construct, install, or repair structures and fixtures that are made out of wood and other materials. Such professionals are often involved in many different kinds of construction, from the building of bridges to the installation of kitchen cabinets. Although the tasks of a carpenter vary depending on the […]

The Sustainability of Oak Framing

A majestic oak tree stands on a vibrant green hillside under a clear blue sky.

How environmentally friendly is it to use oak as a building material? The answer is that from the planting of the trees to the assembly of the structure, oak is an ecologically friendly material for a multitude of reasons.  Helping the Trees Help Us Sustainable forest management is diligently practiced by our suppliers. This means […]