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We are passionate about building charming oak gazebos from top-quality oak for outdoor environments. Our specialization is fabricating Oak Frames and Oak Structures that flawlessly blend with your garden, offering you an outdoor living space to cherish throughout the year.

Gazebos From Oak

Our methodology starts with visiting your site, assessing your outdoor space, and understanding your design aspirations. Our team of experts guides the most fitting options to embellish your garden space, erecting oak structures that seem to have always belonged to your garden. We specialise in constructing premium Green Oak Gazebos that could be an excellent addition to a garden dining area or a picturesque open-air lounge.

Whether you’re after a simple gazebo or a more extensive bespoke gazebo with a sturdy roof, our tailored design service delivers. We individually craft each structure for each unique outdoor space, ensuring perfect indoor and outdoor environment integration. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship guarantees its perfection if it’s an oak garden structure!


We have a diverse portfolio, encompassing various projects, from bespoke oak gazebos offering optimal solutions for garden structures, picnic areas, and more to corner gazebos that introduce intriguing elements and connect facilities within your space. Our vast body of work reflects our dedication to quality and demonstrates our ability to adapt to diverse areas and unique requirements.

Dig into some of our team’s favourite projects, including The Avenue, a fully glazed oak gazebo, and Duffryn Mawr, an intricate fusion of oak and glass. From a multi-tiered gazebo at Ullenhall to a multi-purpose gazebo at Bryn Heulog, our portfolio exemplifies the diversity and quality of our work.

We assist in ensuring a smooth planning application process, offering a service that caters to your needs while also complying with planning prerequisites. Contact us to discuss the significant benefits of our designs, and the labor costs involved.


Connect today with Foxtail Oak, masters in craftsmanship with both old and fresh-sawn oak, to discuss your dream project. We employ traditional jointing techniques and other expert strategies to enrich and elevate your project. Revel in the timeless appeal of an Oak Gazebo crafted by our master carpenters and designers, who bring your vision to life. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and superior customer service promises a smooth and fulfilling journey.

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Frequently ask questions

Building an Oak Gazebo usually falls under ‘permitted development rights,’ meaning you may not require planning permission. But exceptions might apply, especially if your property is in a conservation area or listed building. As always, it’s recommended to consult with the local planning authorities before beginning construction to ensure compliance with regulations.

Gazebos and pavilions are both outdoor structures that can enhance your garden, but they have significant differences. A gazebo is typically round or octagonal in shape, with a solid roof and open sides, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding area. On the other hand, a pavilion is generally rectangular or square and offers a more enclosed and private space. The choice between a gazebo and a pavilion will depend on your specific needs, design preferences, and desired level of protection from the elements.

An Oak Gazebo can provide numerous benefits to your garden, including enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, offering shelter from the elements, creating a perfect setting for outdoor entertainment, and adding an elegant and natural touch to your outdoor space.

The time required to construct an Oak Gazebo depends on the complexity and size of the project. Building a basic gazebo takes approximately a week or two, while a larger and more complex one might require a few months. The actual construction timeline may also be affected by factors such as weather conditions and availability of skilled labor. Always consult with professionals and abide by local regulations when planning any construction project, including an Oak Gazebo. Regulations and costs can change, so obtaining current information is crucial before proceeding.