Foxtail Oak

Bryn Heulog

Bryn Heulog

Location: Crickhowell

Constructed: In House

Architecture: In House

Completed: 2022

A multi-use sheltered outdoor space featuring built in shed space and log store.

Paul and Kate got in touch with us to help make something of an overgrown and most wasted space to the side of their beautiful home. They wanted to revitalise the area and create a beautiful multi-use space. As inspiration they said had always loved the look of Ancient Romans ‘Loggias’ and asked if we could theme the design on that. We also needed to make sure we included a shed space and log store whilst ensuring we did not restrict the light inside the house.

This was a turnkey project for us, which meant our work started with site clearance and the restoration of a half buried and crumbling stone wall. To meet our brief included a ‘loggia-inspired’ frame with lots of posts and bracing. Cedar cladding was used to create the log store and shed areas and a large glass panel was included in the roof to maintain the light entering the office window.

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